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Thought about ideas

Have you ever had an idea about creating a web site and of course being pretty much excited about it so you start presenting it to some friends ?

But …

Well … yes your friends aren’t as much excited as you are !

It looks like they are trying to find what is wrong with your idea  !

And that’s pretty much anoying rights ?  😉

Here are some examples of what most of your friends start saying  :

“I think I’ve already seen that somewhere ”

“Did you look if that doesn’t exist yet ?”

“Are you sure someone didn’t already make it yet ?”

“But what is the business model anyway, … I don’t understand … ?”

“Be aware because it can be anoying if one of your user start [replace here with something that should not be done by a user with your web site]”

And you know what ? yes they’re right ! the idea already exists but not exactly the same way your are seeing and planning it to be, yes it’s true that someone could use your web site a misappropiate way !

For the misappropriate use there is nothing to do either way : there will always exist people trying to pervert your idea.

Now for the point about having a real original idea I think that’s impossible. Even if someone has never already make it on the web, the idea was already there : having an idea is not that difficult by the way and I think that even ordinary ideas can be successfull.

About the business model : I don’t think that’s the most important when starting building a web site ! What I mean here is that you should not anticipate how you’re going to win money with your site, but you should let your users take the control I bet that you have much to learn about how they are actually using it over the first place :  this is why even an ordinary idea could have a chance to succeed, letting the user taking control of an idea is the best way to transform an ordinary idea to a great one !

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